Pavlo Veksler Eliminated in 87th Place by Joseph Cheong

Dec 17, 2021

Joseph Cheong

Pavlo Veksler raises to 12,000 from middle position, Joseph Cheong (pictured) three-bets to 35,000 from the hijack, Veksler four-bets all in for about 240,000 and Cheong calls.

Veksler:  Heart 10Club 10
Cheong:  Spade KHeart K

The board runs out Heart ASpade JDiamond 9Spade 2Diamond 8, safe for Cheong to eliminate Veksler in 87th place.

Joseph Cheong  –  920,000  (153 bb)
Pavlo Veksler  –  Eliminated in 87th Place  ($18,110)

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