Peiwen Wang Raises the River

May 22, 2023

With about 3,000 in the middle on a flop of Heart JDiamond QHeart 9, the trio of Ray Qartomy in the big blind, Scott Eskenazi under the gun, and Peiwen Wang on the button all check to see the Heart 8 on the turn.

Qartomy leads out for 1,500 and gets calls from both opponents, leading to the Heart 6 coming on the river.

Qartomy now bets 3,000 from his 8,500 chip stack and gets a call from Eskenazi before Wang raises to 10,000. Qartomy quickly folds with frustration, and after some deliberation, Eskenazi folds as well to send the pot to Wang.

Peiwen Wang – 62,000 (206 bb)
Scott Eskenazi – 45,700 (152 bb)
Ray Qartomy – 5,500 (18 bb)


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