Penny For Thoughts

Nov 15, 2014

Plenty of established pros exist in the remaining 240 players, but with the money bubble of 200 approaching (min cash is £1,000) no-one from shark to amatuer, wants to bust now.

Gabriel Carter has just played a pot against Ghassan El-Hoss. Gabriel raises to 56k over El-hoss’ opening bet to 21,000, and El-Hoss puts in the call. They see a flop of [5d7h9c] and Gabriel continues for 33,000, which ghassan calls quickly. The turn is the [4d] and this time, Gabriel is all-in for 139,000. That eventually leads to a fold from El-Hoss and a smile from Gabriel. 

Get Carter? They’ll have to work hard to do it… 

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