Peter Apostolou Eliminated in 3rd Place ($204,432)

Oct 30, 2013

Mohsin Charania raises to 50,000 on the button and takes the blinds and antes.

Then Charania gets a walk.

Finally, Vasili Firsau opens to 55,000 on the button, Peter Apostolou moves all-in from the big blind and Firsau calls.


Firsau: [Ac] [Kc]
Apostolou: [Qd] [Qc]

Flop: [5s] [5c] [5d]

Apostolou keeps his lead.

Turn: [7h]

One more card to come for an Apostolou double up.

River: [Kh]

You can here the groans around the table as the [Kh] sends Apostolou out of the contest in third place. Not a bad few days work for someone who in his own words, ‘shouldn’t have even been here.’

Firsau will square off against Charania for the title.

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