Peter Neff Crosses 200K

Mar 1, 2015

There is approximately 10,000 in the pot and the board reads KheartJheart4club and the player in the big blind checks. Big stack Peter Neff bets 5,000 from under the gun, Champions Club member John Phan calls behind him, and the next player to act raises, throwing out three 5,000 chips. The player in the big blind deliberates for quite a while before folding. Neff calls, believing the bet to be 15,000 after asking the dealer for the amount.

Several players at the table clarify that the bet was 12,000 and the dealer did not hear the player announce the amount. It is agreed the bet is 12,000, then Phan calls as well.

The turn pairs the board with the Kdiamond and Neff and Phan both check. The third player in the hand bets 20,000. Neff wastes little time check-raising to 75,000 total, which is enough to put the player and Phan all in. Phan folds.

The other player thinks a bit, then folds his 4-4 face up. Neff is wearing headphones and thinks his opponent has called. He starts to turn over his hand, flashing an ace, but the table clarifies the other player folded. Neff mucks his cards before showing the other one, but it is clear he got his opponent to lay down the best hand.

Peter Neff – 205,000
John Phan – 45,000

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