Phil Laak Finds a Fold

Feb 27, 2016

A player in middle position raises to 750 and Igor Kurganov calls from the hijack. Phil Laak calls out of the small blind and they are three-handed to a flop of Jd7s5h. All three players check and the 4c comes on the turn.

Laak leads out for 3,000 and middle position calls. Kurganov folds and the river is the Qc. Laak bets 5,000 and middle position tanks for a few moments before moving all in for about 30,000.

Laak quickly reaches for chips and spends about a minute in the tank while shuffling chips. He eventually tosses his hand in the muck and middle position drags the pot.

“Did you want me to call?” asked Laak.

Middle position nods his head yes as he stacks his chips.

“I wanted you to call,” said Kurganov. “I wanted to see what he had.”

Phil Laak – 51,000

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