Phong Turbo Nguyen Knocks Out a Player

Oct 20, 2022

Phong Turbo NguyenPhoto: Phong Turbo Nguyen

Kathy Liebert raises UTG+1 to 3,000, Demo Kiriopoulos calls from middle position, the player in the hijack calls, and Phong Turbo Nguyen reraises from the cutoff to about 27,000.

Liebert and Kiriopoulos both fold, and the hijack moves all in for about 66,000.

Nguyen quickly calls with Diamond AClub K, and the hijack turns over Heart ASpade Q. The player in the hijack needs to improve to stay alive.

The board comes Spade 4Heart 2Diamond 2Spade KHeart 8, and Nguyen wins the pot with two pair, kings and deuces, to eliminate his opponent.

Phong Turbo Nguyen  –  215,000  (143 bb)

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