Phong Turbo Nguyen Runs into a Monster

Nov 28, 2022

Anthony Zinno Doubles

The action falls to Phong Turbo Nguyen who pushes the button and Nick Verderamo ducks out from the small blind. “I haven’t looked yet,” says Anthony Zinno as he peels his first card and reveals Heart A. He quickly flicks his wrist to reveal his second card and finds a fortuitous Club A which results in a snap-call for his 1,725,000 stack.

Anthony Zinno: Heart AClub A
Phong Turbo Nguyen: Spade AClub 10

The Heart 9Club 9Diamond 2Spade JClub 2 board brings no sweat and the three-time WPT champion secures a double through Nguyen.

Anthony Zinno – 3,600,000 (36 bb)
Phong Turbo Nguyen – 2,300,000 (23 bb)

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