Pieter de Korver vs. Julio Belluscio

Nov 4, 2014

Julio Belluscio opens to 325 from the hijack and Pieter de Korver three-bets to 900 on the button. The player in the big blind calls, as does Belluscio, and the flop falls [Ad6c2h].

Action checks to de Korver who continues for 1,300. Only Belluscio calls to see the [Kc] turn which both players check. The [8c] river completes the board and Belluscio bets 2,500.

De Korver calls after a few moments and Belluscio mucks his hand. De Korver doesn’t show as he collects the pot.

Pieter de Korver – 32,000 (213 bb)
Julio Belluscio – 25,000 (166 bb)

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