Ping Liu Put to a Decision on the River

Jan 18, 2020

Following four limps, Ping Liu raises to 3,500 from the big blind and only the first limper in early position calls as the flop lands Club 10Heart 8Spade 10.

Liu leads out for 3,000 and his opponent quickly raises to 12,000. Liu calls, and when the Spade 3 lands on the turn, both players check.

The river is the Club 9 and Liu bets 16,500. His opponent thinks for roughly a minute before cutting out a raise to 50,000.

With 26,200 remaining in his stack, Liu deliberates for several minutes before the clock is called.

The Tournament Director gives Liu a 30-second countdown, and with just a few seconds remaining, Liu folds.

Ping Liu – 26,200

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