Player of the Year Race

Mar 27, 2007

Below, we have the top eighteen in our Player of the Year race. If any of these guys were to win either here or in Foxwoods, they would take the overall lead heading to the World Championship three weeks from now.

Joe Pelton 1,600
Daniel Negreanu 1,300
Scott Clements 1,000
Ted Forrest 1,000
Ryan Daut 1,000
Christian “The Stamp” Grundtvig 1,000
Joseph Hachem 1,000
John Hennigan 1,000
Eric Hershler 1,000
Nenad Medic 1,000
Mark Newhouse 1,000
Bryan Sumner 1,000
Joseph Tehan 1,000
JC Tran 1,000
Soren Turkewitsch 1,000
Andreas Walnum 1,000
Stan Weiss 1,000
Robert Mizrachi 800

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