Po Wen Fang Takes a Pot Worth 2 Million from Huang Chyan Pu

Dec 21, 2020

Po Wen Fang completed the small blind to 100,000, Huang Chyan Pu raised from the big blind to 325,000, and Fang called.

The flop came Diamond 9Diamond 8Club 8, Fang checked, Pu bet 225,000, and Fang check-raised to 650,000. Pu called.

The turn card was the Spade 2, Fang bet 1,100,000 (leaving himself about a million behind), and Pu thought for a while before he folded. Fang took the pot worth just over two million in chips.

Po Wen Fang  –  3,050,000  (31 bb)

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