Pocket Rockets Propel Martorella To The Top

Feb 28, 2016

Patrick Martorella
Patrick Martorella raises to 52,000 from early position the action folds to the player in the hijack position. The player moves all in for his last 300,000 and Tristan Wades folds in the cutoff. The player on the button reshoves for 552,000, Mortorella snap calls and the hands are shown.

Mortorella: Heart ASpade A
Hijack: Diamond ADiamond 7
Button: Diamond KClub K

It is a dream situation for Martorella as he is holding pocket aces in what looks to be the largest pot of the tournament. The dealer spreads a flop of Club JDiamond 2Spade 8 and Martorella’s aces remain in the lead. The turn is the Spade 3 and Martorella will need to avoid a river king to scoop the massive pot. The Club 3 completes the board and Martorella earns the pot eliminating two players in the process. Martorella is now playing a stack of 1,700,000 and looks to be the chip leader with 38 players remaining.

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