Predrag Vulovic Storming; Paul van Oort Down to Fumes

Jan 11, 2020

Paul van Oort

Heading over to Table 221 and Paul van Oort has lost almost all of his chips. His table neighbour, Predrag Vulovic has a huge stack and is most likely the beneficiary of a clash with van Oort.

van Oort moves the last of his chips in over a 1,000 limp and gets one caller behind before the limper makes it three-handed.

They check through to the river on the Club 4Diamond 2Spade 9Club 10Club 2 and van Oort tables Spade KDiamond K to win the ten-big-blind pot.

He lives on to play another hand but will need something special to happen if he is to turn things around.

Meanwhile, Vulovic is likely to be the current chip leader.

Predrag Vulovic – 230,000
Paul van Oort – 10,000

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