Quads For Rettenmaier

Feb 21, 2016

Two-time WPT champion Marvin Rettenmaier is off to a great start after he just knocked out a player holding quads.

Rettenmaier told us how a player in early position limped, after which he raised it up with Spade 8Club 8 to 650. The player in the cutoff called, and the small blind three-bet to 2,300.

“I was the only caller,” Rettenmaier said, and the flop brought out Heart 2Diamond 8Heart 5.

On the flop the German pro called a bet of 2,700 and the turn brought the Heart 8.

“He checked on the turn,” Rettenmaier said, “And I bet 4,600.”

Rettenmaier’s opponent check-raised all in for about 14,000 chips and the winner of $5.1 million in live tournaments called right away.

“You got hearts?” Rettenmaier’s opponent asked, but he was already drawing dead.

Rettenmaier showed his quads, and his opponent turned over Heart KHeart Q for a king-high flush.

The river was the meaningless Club J and Rettenmaier now sits on 46,000 chips.

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