Ramdin Not Too Happy About Being Cracked

Apr 1, 2007

From under the gun Victor Ramdin raises to T3,000 and is re-raised to T10,000 by Casey Griswold. Ramdin re-raises to T30,000 and Griswold goes all-in. Ramdin calls and shows [AsAd] while Griswold shows [AhKs].

The flop comes [KcQd10d] and Ramdin is still ahead. The turn brings the [Kd] giving Ramdin’s opponent trips, but Ramdin has a re-draw for the diamond flush, broadway straight or even the royal flush. However the river is the [7s], bricking out for Ramdin.

As the dealer is counting out the chips, Ramdin obviously upset over the creul twist of fate, calls his opponent a donkey and pushes over his neatly stacked chips to the felt. The defending 2006 Foxwoods’ Poker Classic champ exits the room in disgust.

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