Rana Eliminated by Sam Trickett

Sep 7, 2014

Harprit “Rana” Gurnam has just been eliminated in the cruelest fashion.

He was short stacked and didn’t think twice before moving his final 20,000 into the middle when he peered at his cards and saw pocket sevens. The action folded around to Sam Trickett, in the big blind and he makes the call.


Trickett: [Ac] [Jd]
Rana: [7h] [7s]

The flop is perfect for Rana: [As] [Ks] [7c]. Trickett looks like he is about to muck his hand but the [Ah] on the turn sees him pull it back again.

Could it happen?

Would it happen?

Of course it did.

The [Ad] hits the river and Rana is sent back to South Wales with nothing but a bad beat story.

Trickett ~ 210,000

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