Raphael Paints A Picture

Nov 10, 2014

 Raphael Roberton and Tom Wallsgrove were aleady going at it, with thousands in the pot before we arrived on the turn, with the board showing [4d7dKdKs] and Tom betting 1,100. Raphael Robertson raises to 3500 and Tom makes the call. The river is the [9h] and Raphael leads out 6k, which Tom agonises over. He eventually folds face-up, showing [AcKs]. It’s a great fold, as Raphael does what Tom wanted to, showing [Ad9d] for the flopped nut flush. 

Cue muted applause and compliments from the table for Tom’s fold. But Wallsgrove grimaces. 

"I should have folded the turn." he grumbles, ever the perfectionist. It really was a good fold. 

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