Ray Henson Wins a Three-Way Pot

Apr 25, 2021

Ray Henson

Ray Henson opens to 16,000 in middle position and action folds around to Daniel Jones in the small blind, who calls. Rob Wazwaz also calls, defending his big blind, and the three go to a flop of Club KDiamond 3Club 9.

Both Jones and Wazwaz check to Henson, who makes a continuation-bet of 13,000 and sees both players call.

The turn is the Spade 5 and action checks to Henson again, who puts out a second barrel for 65,000.

Jones wastes no time letting his hand go and Wazwaz quickly follows suit, earning Henson the pot with his turn bet.

Ray Henson – 592,000 (74 bb)
Rob Wazwaz – 587,000 (73 bb)
Daniel Jones – 262,000 (32 bb)

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