Ray Qartomy Climbing

May 20, 2018

Ray Qartomy limps in from under the gun for 800 and Sam Phillips raises the button to 3,000. Qartomy calls, and then checks the Spade QClub 9Club 2 flop.

Phillips bets out 3,800 and Qartomy calls before he leads for 4,500 when the turn lands the Diamond A.

Phillips raises to 15,000, and Qartomy makes the call as the river lands the Club 4.

Qartomy instantly moves all in for roughly 70,000, and after a few moments to think, Phillips folds.

“Lucky river. But also a lucky turn. I had ace-high clubs!” comments Qartomy as he collects the pot.

Ray Qartomy – 114,500
Sam Phillips – 22,700

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