Ray Qartomy Coolers an Opponent

Nov 24, 2023

Ray Qartomy
Photo:  Ray Qartomy

Ray Qartomy in the cutoff and an opponent in the big blind build up a pot of around 40,000 as they head to the Diamond KClub QDiamond A flop. Qartomy then bets 10,000 and the big blind tanks for a moment before moving all in for around 30,000 more. Qartomy snap-calls.

Big Blind: Club ADiamond Q
Ray Qartomy: Heart KSpade K

Qartomy shows a set of kings, while his opponent is left with two pair as the board runs out Heart QDiamond J. Both players finish with a full house, but Qartomy’s kings over queens are enough to send his opponent to the rail.

Ray Qartomy- 230,000 (288 bb)

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