Ray Qartomy Doubles Thru Ali Eslami

Aug 24, 2014

Richard Seymour raised to 1,500 on the button, Ali Eslami calls from the small blind and Ray Qartomy calls from the big blind.

The flop falls [Kh3c2c] and action checks to Seymour who continues for 2,500. Eslami check-calls, Qartomy check-raises to 7,500, Seymour folds and Eslami calls to see the [7d] turn. Eslami checks to Qartomy who shoves for 14,100.

Eslami calls with [5h2h] for a pair of deuces, trailing Qartomy’s [Kc8c] for a pair of kings with a flush draw. The river is the [Ac], further improving Qartomy’s hand to a flush to double through Eslami.

Ray Qartomy – 48,000
Richard Seymour – 16,000
Ali Eslami – 26,000

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