Ray Qartomy Eliminated by Max Altergott

Feb 27, 2016

Ray Qartomy is all in for about 1,500 preflop from early position against an unknown player in middle position and Max Altergott in the hijack (with a side pot of 5,350 between them).

The flop is Spade JSpade 7Diamond 4 and action checks to Altergott who bets 5,500. His opponent calls to see the Diamond 8 turn and checks. Altergott bets 8,000, his opponent calls, and the river is the Diamond Q. The player in middle position checks again and Altergott bets effectively 13,000-ish. His opponent folds.

Altetgott tables Spade QHeart Q for a set of queens, besting Qartomy’s Club AClub Q win the pot and score the elimination.

Max Altergott  –  61,000  (407 bb)
Ray Qartomy  –  Eliminated

Photo: Max Altergott
Max Altergott

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