Ray Qartomy Shows Up Late and Doubles In His First Hand

Nov 24, 2023

Ray Qartomy
Photo:  Ray Qartomy

Ray Qartomy has made six WPT Final Tables in his career, and is one of those players who can often be found near the top of the chip counts.

Qartomy registered during the last break, and in the first hand of this level (his first hand of the tournament), he doubled his stack with ace-king.

Qartomy saw a king-high flop with another player, and they eventually got it all in on the river. Qartomy’s top pair, top kicker was good against his opponent, who had a king with a lower kicker.

Qartomy’s dropped a bit since then, but he’s still off to a very strong start.

Ray Qartomy  –  90,000  (150 bb)

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