Ray Weaver Doubles Thru Rodney Rodrigue

Apr 28, 2013

Tim Reilly raises from middle position preflop and Rodney Rodrigue reraises to 37,000. Ray Weaver reraises all in for an additional 10,000 from the cutoff and Reilly gets out of the way. Rodrigue calls and they flip over their cards.

Rodrigue: [KcKs]
Weaver: [AsAd]

Board: [8h7c2d4s5h] 

Weaver doubles up to survive and Rodrigue holds 228,000 after the hand. "He did it to me, the two old guys," says Rodrigue as his opponent collects the pot.

Ray Weaver – 100,000 (20 bb)
Rodney Rodriguez – 228,000 (45 bb)

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