Regina Hampton Picks Off Andy Frankenberger

Oct 12, 2019

Following an under the gun limp, WPT Champions Club member Andy Frankenberger raises to 1,500 in the hijack. Lexi Sterner and Stephen Song call from the cutoff and button, and Regina Hampton defends her big blind while the limper comes along too.

The flop lands Club 4Spade AHeart 9 and action checks to Frankenberger who bets 2,500. Only Hampton calls as the turn lands the Club 8.

Hampton leads for 2,500 and Frankenberger elects to raise to 7,500. Hampton calls, and when the river lands the Heart Q, she checks.

Frankenberger bets 7,500 and Hampton calls. Frankenberger mucks, and Hampton tables her Heart AHeart 5 for top pair.

Regina Hampton – 61,300
Andy Frankenberger – 31,200
Stephen Song – 33,000
Lexi Sterner – 113,800

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