Reigning WPTDeepStacks Thunder Valley Champion Jasthi Kumar Takes a Pot

Mar 12, 2017

Jasthi Kumar

With the board showing Club KClub 6Heart 4Club 2 on the turn, Jasthi Kumar (pictured) checks the small blind, the under-the-gun player checks, and Bob Mather checks UTG+1.

The river card is the Diamond 3, Kumar bets 1,500, the under-the-gun player calls, and Mather calls with Heart 5Club 5. But Kumar turns over Diamond 7Diamond 5 for a rivered seven-high straight to win the pot.

Jasthi Kumar  –  18,000  (120 bb)
Bob Mather  –  32,000  (213 bb)

Last April, Kumar won WPTDeepStacks Thunder Valley to earn $80,840, the biggest score of his career to that point. (He went on to finish 58th in last summer’s WSOP Main Event, earning $116,963.)

For a look at Kumar’s victory, check out the WPTDeepStacks recap from that event.

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