Rens Feenstra Denies Ema Zajmovic Second Title; Wins WPT Amsterdam for €156,370 ($192,335)

Apr 20, 2018

Rens Feenstra

After a rollercoaster heads-up match, it was Rens Feenstra who emerged victorious in the WPT Amsterdam Main Event and deny Ema Zajmovic a second WPT Main Event crown.

With heads-up featuring six double-ups and countless lead changes, Feenstra emerged triumphant from a field of 207 players to take home €156,370 ($192,335) including a $15,000 ticket to the Tournament of Champions.

Here are the final table results:

1. Rens Feenstra- €156,370 ($192,335)
2. Ema Zajmovic – €100,260 ($123,320)
3. Firoz Mangroe – €60,140 ($73,972)
4. Gary Miller – €36,795 ($45,258)
5. Louis Salter – €28,415 ($34,950)
6. Paul Berende – €23,550 ($28,967)

With the average stack at the start of the day over 50 big blinds, and chip leader Rens Feenstra holding a massive chip lead, it was never expected to be a quick start to proceedings. However, three hands in Ema Zajmovic had doubled through Feenstra to well and truly clip the Dutchman’s wings.

Feenstra and Zajmovic would continue to trade the chip lead, with Louis Salter and Firoz Mangroe doubling through Gary Miller and Zajmovic respectively.

The first elimination came in Hand #50 when Paul Berende moved all in with pocket sixes. Mangroe moved all in over the top with ace-king and flopped an ace to eliminate his opponent.

By the first break it was Zajmovic on top, with Salter following in second place. Salter would falter, allowing Miller to join Zajmovic at the top of the counts, and last year’s runner-up would be the next elimination, moving all in with ace-jack against the ace-queen of Zajmovic. Her hand would hold and Salter would finish in fifth.

Earlier this month, Miller had taken down WPT500 London and was looking to become the first player to do the WPT500 & Main Tour double. However, he was eliminated when he ran ace-five suited into the pocket tens of Zajmovic.

Zajmovic was on a tear, with over four million compared to the one million apiece for Mangroe and Feenstra. Feenstra was the short stack and doubled when his ace-seven bested the ace-deuce of Mangroe, but two hands later Feenstra looked to be heading home. All-in with ace-king against the king-jack of Zajmovic, the Canadian spiked a jack to take the lead, with Feenstra rivering a straight to stay alive.

With the blinds increasing, Mangroe got his last chips in with sixes against the king-nine suited of Zajmovic. Again, the hand looking to hold was ahead until the river came a king to eliminate Mangroe and bring proceedings to heads-up.

Zajmovic held the chip lead, with 3.9m to Feenstra’s 2.3m. Heads-up was a topsy-turvy affair, with the chip lead changing practically on a pot-by-pot basis. Eventually with the blinds ever-increasing, Feenstra emerged triumphant to take home the prize money and trophy. A trip to Vegas for the Tournament of Champions awaits!

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