Rich Wu Doubles Thru Craig Chait

Feb 27, 2018

After a flop of Heart 7Diamond 5Spade 4, James Rann checks the small blind, and Rich Wu moves all in from the big blind for 89,000. Mark Briggs folds from middle position, and Craig Chait calls from the hijack. Phil Hellmuth folds from the cutoff, and Rann folds.

Wu turns over Club 7Club 6 for a pair of sevens with an open-ended straight draw, but Chait turns over Spade 9Club 9 for an overpair. Wu needs to improve to stay alive.

The turn card is the Club J, the river card is the Heart 6, and Wu rivers two pair, sevens and sixes, to win the pot and double up in chips.

Rich Wu  –  215,000  (27 bb)
Craig Chait  –  445,000  (56 bb)

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