Richard Munro Doubles Thru Eddy Sabat

Sep 17, 2014

Richard Munro
Richard Munro (pictured) raises from middle position, and Eddy Sabat calls from the hijack. The flop comes [10h9d5d], and after some action, Munro reraises all in.

Sabat tanks for a while before he calls with [AcAh] for an overpair, and Munro turns over [9h9s] for a set of nines. Munro needs his hand to hold to stay alive.

The turn is the [2d], the river is the [Qc], and Munro wins the pot with his set of nines to double up in chips.

Richard Munro  –  850,000  (85 bb)
Eddy Sabat  –  195,000  (19 bb)

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