Richard Munro Doubles Thru Jason Dewitt in Massive Pot

Aug 26, 2014

A player in middle position raises to 10,000 and Jason Dewitt calls from the hijack.  Richard Munro is on the button and reraises to 31,500 total.  The initial raiser folds and Dewitt calls.

The flop comes [Jd6d3s] and Dewitt checks.  Munro bets 55,000 and Dewitt check-raises to 110,000 total.  Munro quickly announces he is all-in. Dewitt asks for a count.

After a long period of counting, the table determines Munro has 235,000.  Dewitt calls, tabling [QdQs]. Munro has him bested with [AcAd].

The turn brings the [9d] and the river the [Kc] and Munro’s aces hold to give him the pot and a massive double up.

Richard Munro – 557,000
Jason Dewitt – 38,000 

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