Richard Munro Doubles Thru Jeremy Kottler

Aug 28, 2014

Richard Munro raises to 50,000 on the button and Jeremy Kottler reraises to 140,000 out of the big blind.

Munro jokes, "You have me covered, right?" The table snickers, as Kottler has a mountain of chips compared to Munro, who is sitting on 610,000.

Munro announces he is all-in and Kottler calls with [10c10h]. Munro is in good shape with his [AcAh].

The aces hold as the board runs out [KhJh4c8hQd] to give Munro the double up.

Richard Munro – 1,250,000 (63 bb)
Jeremy Kottler – 2,290,000 (115 bb) 

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