Richard Munro Doubles Thru Taylor McFarland

Aug 28, 2014

Richard Munro Doubles Thru Taylor McFarland
Taylor McFarland (foreground, left) raises to 45,000, Keven Stammen calls, and Richard Munro (right) reraises 150,000 from the cutoff.

Action moves back to McFarland, who four-bets to 335,000. Stammen folds. McFarland eyeballs McFarland’s stack, then calls.

The flop comes [Qc6c5h] and Mcfarland bets 245,000. Munro moves all-in for 952,000. McFarland cals, tabling [AsAd] for the overpair. Munro has flopped top set with his [QhQd].

The turn brings the [6d] and the river the [4d] and Munro takes the pot, doubling up for the second time this level.

Munro is relieved, telling the table he wanted to improve upon his 14th place finish in this event last year. With 13 players left, he has already exceeded that goal.

Richard Munro – 2,660,000 (133 bb)
Taylor McFarland – 660,000 (33 bb) 

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