Richard Munro Makes Jeremy Kottler a Deal

Aug 28, 2014

Richard Munro raises to 50,000 on the button and Jeremy Kottler calls from the big blind.  The flop comes [Qd9s4d] and Kottler checks.

Munro bets 65,000, then Kottler check-raises to 165,000.  Munro fires back, reraising to 365,000 total.

While Kottler thinks, Munro makes him an offer. "I’ll show you both the cards this time no matter what you do." He then rises from his chair, awaiting Kottler’s decision.

Kottler folds and Munro shows him [Qs9c] for top two pair.

Richard Munro – 2,770,000 (139 bb)
Jeremy Kottler – 2,300,000 (115 bb) 

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