Richard Munro Wins a 650K+ Pot vs. Bruce Kramer

Aug 27, 2014

After a flop of [10s8d2h], Richard Munro checks the small blind, Bruce Kramer bets 26,000 from the button, and Munro check-raises to 70,000. Kramer calls.

The turn card is the [7h], Munro bets 100,000, and Kramer calls. The river card is the [5s], Munro bets 150,000, and Kramer goes into the tank.

After about three minutes, Munro calls for the clock, and Kramer makes up his mind at that point and calls.

Munro shows [10d10h] for a set of tens, and Kramer mucks. Munro wins the pot.

Richard Munro  –  975,000  (162 bb)
Bruce Kramer  –  290,000  (48 bb)

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