Rob Wazwaz Eliminated in 17th Place by James Romero

Dec 9, 2016

Rob Wazwaz

Rob Wazwaz (pictured) raises to 65,000 preflop on the hijack, and both James Romero (cutoff) and Danny Fuhs (button) come along for the ride. The flop is dealt Spade 10Diamond 2Heart 2 and Wazwaz bets 125,000. Romero raises to 265,000 and Fuhs folds. Wazawaz calls and the turn falls Club 6.

Romero bets 235,000 and Wazwaz check-calls. The river delivers the Heart J and Wazwaz moves all in for more than 700,000. Romero calls and the two players flip over their cards.

Romero: Heart ASpade 2
Wazwaz: Club KClub 10

Wazwaz is eliminated in 17th place, good for $52,174 in prize money. Romero wins the hand with trip deuces and he stacks up 6 million after the hand for the chip lead.

James Romero – 6,000,000 (200 bb)
Rob Wazwaz – Eliminated in 17th Place ($52,174)

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