Robel Andemichael Doubles Through Gediminas Uselis

Nov 27, 2022

Gediminas Uselis opens to 30,000 from early position, and Frank Funaro calls next to act.

Action folds to Robel Andemichael in the cutoff, and he three bets to 120,000. The blinds fold, and Uselis four-bets to 275,000. Funaro folds, and Andemichael uses a time extension before moving all in for 1,140,000 total. Uselis snap calls.

Andemichael – Diamond KSpade K
Uselis – Club AClub K

The flop falls Club 6Club 4Diamond 2, and Uselis flops a flush draw but still trails the pocket kings of Andemichael.

The turn Heart 3 provides no help to Uselis, and when the river lands, the Heart 8 Andemichael’s kings hold to double through the defending champion.

Robel Andemichael – 2,350,000 (157 bb)
Frank Funaro – 1,070,000 (71 bb)
Gediminas Uselis – 1,000,000 (67 bb)

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