Robel Andemichael Finishes Off Ron McMillen

Nov 28, 2022

Ron McMillan

Ron McMillen puts the rest of his chips into the middle for roughly 300,000 total and Robel Andemichael is the only competitor to partake in a runout with McMillen.

Ron McMillen: Heart ADiamond Q
Robel Andemichael: Heart KHeart 10

The dealer spreads Spade 6Spade 5Spade 4 on the flop and McMillen is still in front. The Heart 9 turn is safe for McMillen but a Spade K river gives Andemichael the pot. McMillen takes an exit in 34th place as the remaining players head into their second break of the night.

Robel Andemichael – 3,250,000 (65 bb)
Ron McMillen – Eliminated in 34th Place

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