Rockets Cracked for Thomas Merten

Jan 11, 2020

The flop was already down and two players were staring at a Diamond 8Heart 7Heart 4 board. Thomas Merten, playing out of the big blind position, checks to Hossein Barati in early position. There is 5,000 in the pot and Barati moves all in. He has his opponent covered so the bet is 17,000 effective and Merten is facing a decision that will risk his tournament life if he calls.

He takes a minute or two and finds a call but has to dodge a lot of outs with Spade ADiamond A against Barati’s Heart 10Heart 8.

The Spade Q turn is a brick but the Heart 6 river isn’t and Merten heads out of the tournament area.

Hossein Barati – 52,000
Thomas Merten – eliminated

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