We’ve lost three players already, with starting stacks at an incredible 300 big blinds, Terry Rogers and Mohammed Mohammed both busting as quick as a DTD waitress can scoot over to take a drinks order (that’s quick!)

They were as soon out as they arrived, but we managed to find out the story behind our third unfortunate, as his conqueror, Terry Jordon, doubled his stack just moments after sitting down. 

Terry raised to 600 pre-flop, and that elicited a re-raise from Gary Robertson to 2,000. He might not have thought he was in a jam on a flop of [Ts5c2h] , betting 2,000, which Jordon just check-called. But on the turn of [4d] Jordon led for 8,000 and instantly called Robertson’s raise all-in for the whole starting stack. 

Terry Jordon: [TcTh]

Gary Robertson: [KsKh]

No miracle came on the river for Robertson, as an eight meant that he was our third player out of the door.    

Terry Jordon 60,000 (+30,000) 

Gary Roberton 30,000 (rebought) 

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