Roscoe And Lil' Dave - Pot Of The Tournament

Nov 16, 2014

D8A_5297 It’s not taken long for the final 24 players to really go at it, and in the biggest pot of the tournament so far, one player has taken a monster chip lead, while the other is down to fresh air.

All the money went in on the flop of [Ac2d5c] , and it was a massive showdown between the two biggest chip-stacks left in the WPT500… 

David Nicholson: [AhKh] 
Daryosh Rossookh: [2c4c] 

With top pair, top kicker, Lil’ Dave was ahead, but the four on the turn and then another on the river gave ‘Roscoe’ a full house and a pot worth nine million! Dave is left with one big blind. 

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