Ross Tesser Out in 44th Place ($9,710)

Aug 27, 2014

Four players see a flop [Qc10d8d]. Taylor McFarland checks from the small blind, Dylan Wilkerson checks in the big blind, Tyler Kenney checks in the cutoff, and Ross Tesser moves all-in for his last 95,000 or so from the button. Both McFarland and WIlkerson fold, while Kenney calls.

Kenney tables [AsQh] for top pair, ace kicker, while Tesser holds [QdJs] for an inferior pair of queens.  The turn brings the [3h] and the river the [7h] and Tesser is eliminated.

Tyler Kenney – 575,000 (72 bb)
Ross Tesser – Eliminated in 44th place ($9,710)

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