Rough One for Tyler Kenney

Aug 26, 2014

Tyler Kenney raises to 7,000 from under the gun and the player beside him makes it 21,000 to play.  After some deliberation, Kenney calls.

The flop comes [QhJh3c] and Kenney checks. The other player bets 30,000, then Kenney check-raises to 95,000 total.  His opponent has 121,000 total and agonizes for a couple of minutes before moving all-in.

Kenney calls, giving a slight shrug to indicate he is probably beat.  He is, as his opponent holds [AsQs] to his [KcQc].

Kenney does pick up a flush draw with the [6c] on the turn, but the river brings the [5d], doubling up the other player.

Tyler Kenney – 145,000 

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