Rough Start for Shorr

Sep 17, 2017

Rob Wazwaz

On a flop of Club 9Heart 4Club 2 Rob Wazwaz checks from the hijack to Shannon Shorr on the button who bet 2,350 with around 5,200 in the pot. Wazwaz calls.

The Spade 6 comes on the turn, Wazwaz checks, and Shorr bets 6,200. Wazwaz thinks for a while before calling. The Heart 3 hits the river, Wazwaz quickly bets 7,000 and Shorr is put to the test for almost half of his remaining stack. Shorr calls, Wazwaz turns over Spade 2Diamond 2 for the winning set of deuces, and Shorr mucks.

Rob Wazwaz  –  50,000  (333 bb)
Shannon Shorr  –  10,200  (68  bb)

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