Ruben Perceval Doubles Through Frederic Beaudry

Nov 1, 2019

Frederic Beaudry (pictured left) raises to 15,000 under the gun and Ruben Perceval (pictured right) shoves all in next to act for 93,000. Action folds back to Beaudry, and he calls.

Perceval: Club JHeart J
Beaudry: Heart KDiamond K

With Perceval at-risk and a rail of onlookers gathering around the table, the dealer exposes the window card as the Diamond J.

The dealer holds it for a few seconds and then spreads the rest of the flop to read Diamond JSpade JDiamond 7 to give Perceval quads.

The Spade 2 and Diamond A fill out the turn and river, and Perceval secures a double on the bubble.

Ruben Perceval – 201,000
Frederic Beaudry – 120,000

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