Ryan Carey Eliminated by Jeremy Brown

Sep 21, 2010

Ryan Carey raises to 8,500 from the hijack and Jeremy Brown reraises all-in from the small blind having Carey’s 65,000 chip stack covered.  Carey deliberates briefly and calls with [AdQh] and he is behind Brown’s [AsKh].  The board runs out [Tc7s6d8d4d] and Brown’s hand holds to take the pot and eliminate Carey.

Jeremy Brown – 160,0000
Ryan Carey – eliminated

Brown is one of four players who made the final table of this event last year who are still alive in the event.  Reigning champ Olivier Busquet, third place finisher Ivan Mamuzic, and fifth place finisher Keith Crowder are part of th Day 3 field as well.

Jeremy Brown Doubles

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