Ryan Goindoo vs. Nipun Java

Aug 25, 2014

Ryan Goindoo raises from the hijack to 1,500, Nipun Java reraises from the cutoff to 4,000, and Goindoo calls. The flop comes [AcJc7h], Goindoo checks, Java bets 4,500, and Goindoo check-raises to 10,000. Java calls.

The turn card pairs the board with the [Jh], Goindoo bets 16,000, and Java calls.

The river card is the [4s], Goindoo bets 11,000, and Java tanks for a while before he raises to 35,000. Goindoo goes into the tank for a long, long time (5+ minutes?) before he folds, and Java takes the pot.

Java flashes one card — a black king — as the dealer pushes him the pot.

Nipun Java  –  154,000  (256 bb)
Ryan Goindoo  –  50,000  (83 bb)

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