Ryan Remington Doubles Through Ping Liu and Eliminates Michael Newman

Jan 17, 2020

(hand details recapped to WPT.com by Ping Liu)

Ryan Remington raises to 3,000 from early position, Michael Newman calls from the cutoff and Ping Liu three-bets to 12,000 from the button. Both Remington and Newman call.

They check to the turn of a Diamond JHeart 10Spade 7Diamond 8 board where Remington bets 16,000. Newman calls, Liu raises to 64,000, Remington reraises all in for about 153,000, Newman calls all in for about 145,000 and Liu calls with a slightly covering stack to both players.

Remington: Heart JSpade J
Newman: Heart AHeart 9
Liu: Diamond 9Club 9

Liu and Newman have jack-high straights, while Remington has a set of jacks and is looking for the board to pair.

The river is the Club J, giving Remington quad jacks to eliminate Newman and double through Liu.

Ryan Remington – 480,000
Ping Liu – 7,000
Michael Newman – Eliminated

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