Ryan Van Sanford Doubles Through Kevin MacPhee

May 4, 2018

Ryan Van Sanford

The action folds to Kevin MacPhee in the small blind and he limps in. Ryan Van Sanford (pictured) checks his option in the big blind and the dealer spreads a Spade 9Club 3Spade A flop.

MacPhee bets out 7,500 and Van Sanford calls, as the turn lands the Diamond 8.

MacPhee bets 20,000 and Van Sanford calls. The river lands the Spade 7 and MacPhee bets 55,000.

Van Sanford goes into the tank and eventually uses a time extension button before announcing he is all in for 163,500.

It’s now MacPhee’s turn to dive deep into the think-tank, and he uses three of his four remaining time extension buttons before finding a call.

Van Sanford tables his Spade 8Spade 4 for a flush, and MacPhee mucks.

Kevin MacPhee – 741,500
Ryan Van Sanford – 406,500

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