Sabina Hiattullah in the Danger Zone

Nov 6, 2014

Alain Medesan limps preflop on the button and Christophe Rosso calls on the small blind. Sabina Hiatullah raises to 12,000 on the big blind and both opponents call. The flop is dealt [7s6h4c] and Sabina bets 17,500.

Medesan calls and Rosso folds. The turn brings the [5s] and Sabina checks. Medesan bets 21,500 and Sabina thinks for a minute before raising to 44,000. Medesan reraises all in and Sabina ponders the all-in call. She decides to fold and her stack is now in the danger zone with just 21,000 remaining.

Alain Medesan – 253,000 (105 bb)
Sabina Hiatullah – 21,000 (8 bb)

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